Young, Free, Alright! – Weekender

As part of Coastalwatch and Arnette's Young, Free, Alright! series, 6 of our featured up and coming lensmen went on a little weekend surf trip with four of Arnette's talented wave sliders. They hung out, made friends, experience an editorial surf trip and took hold of the opportunity to shoot some young pro surfers. The swell wasn't great, it rained like Genesis and poor old Nick Alcock's camera fritzed out not too far from trip's beginning (he then used the medium of K-Mart purchased disposables) but the groms' enthusiasm was never dampened. This is what they came up with…

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Nick Alcock
"Kalani's surfing reminds me of Kolohe Andino." – NA
Kalani Ball Makes Hay From The YFA Weekender
"Kalani's surfing reminds me of Kolohe Andino." – NA
Nick Alcock
A-Framed Line-up
"Just a simple line-up with clean A-frames." – NH
Nick Hollman
Pama Davies
A pulled back vision of a Pama Davies stalefish. Epic.
Blaise Bell
Campfire Tales
Otis Scary Carey made sure the boys had a fire for night no.1...
Blaise Bell
One Dark Morning
"One dark morning. - I always love a landscape shot of a line-up, this beach is a cool place." – HD
Harrison Dancaster
"Kalani going vert with myself shooting Blaise, who is shooting Nick, shooting Kalani. Weird. Having 4 photographers shooting the same surfers, it's different! But cool." – HD
Harrison Dancaster
Tail-High Kalani Ball
Kalani Ball gets inverted and stomps this most excellent tail-high air-rev.
Blaise Bell
Kalani and The Clouds No.2
"This shot of Kalani is my favourite surf shot. The clouds this morning were my main focus, tried to incorporate them in my shots." – NH
Nick Hollman
Otis Disposable
"My camera broke before the swell hit, so most of my shots are disposable memories." – NA
Nick Alcock
Otis Carey
Otis Carey's strange board catches sweet air while Nick Hollman frames him from the water.
Blaise Bell
Kalani Runaround
"I like this shot as it gives you the feel for the landscape surrounding the area. Kalani doing the rock jump run around." – NH
Nick Hollman
Up Close With K-Ball
The San Remo photog got up close and personal with a Kalani aerial. "Kalani Ball absolutely rips," he says.
Nick Alcock
"Pama hopping. - Reminds me so much of a shot he got taken by Aquabumps only last week. Check his instagram even. Haha!" – HD
Harrison Dancaster
Kalin Ball Blowing Tail
"Kalani blowing tail once again." – NA
Nick Alcock
Contrasts – Surfer And The Sky
"The contrast between the surfer and the sky." – NH
Nick Hollman
"The morning produced some favourable light. The clouds saturday morning were full on, colours were sweet." – HD
Harrison Dancaster
Weekender Tree Climbs
"Yeah, it looks flat from here too..." Kalani, Pama and Owen ascend for a better look at a swell deprived line-up.
Blaise Bell
Otis launching
"Otis launching with a moody landscape in the distant. Came out clean, Probably my favourite surfing shot of him." – HD
Harrison Dancaster
Kalin Ball Small Wave Huck
One small wave, one big air, and three cameras trained on the action – Kalin Ball gets documented.
Blaise Bell
Otis spinning
"Otis spinning one above the lip. Suits B&W, contrasts make a more powerful aerial shot. – HD
Harrison Dancaster
Otis and the Kookaburra
Otis Carey, one with Kookaburra.
Blaise Bell
Dan Caban, On The Biro
"Dan Caban is seriously the man." – NA
Nick Alcock
Weekender Wet Nights
Caravan park neon on the Saturday night of a classic East Coast roadie.
Blaise Bell
Manly Photographer Blaise Bell
"Blaise being silly." – NA
Nick Alcock
Portait of Pama
"A nice portait of Pama being himself. I thought I may as well get one of pama tree." – HD
Harrison Dancaster
Benny Godwin Weekender Psyche
"I like this photo because Benny Godwin is a classic." – NA
Nick Alcock
"Otis in the passenger seat. - Straight out of bed and straight to the surf in the white knight." – HD
Harrison Dancaster
Surf Check
The YFA crew scope the conditions.
Blaise Bell
Kalani In The Clouds
"Clouds are rad!" – NH
Nick Hollman
Pama Davies, low angled
"I like the low angle, giving him more height and the body of water in front of him." – NH
Nick Hollman
To The Lighthouse
"Along the hill side track that leads to Lighthouse. I like the light busting through the trees to aluminate the track." – NH
Nick Hollman
The Otis and Benny G Buffet
"Benny got really excited when the hot chicken came out." – NA
Nick Alcock
"Otis throwing it out during torrential rain storms. - Hugging the cliffs, it wasn't the best position in the wet" – HD
Harrison Dancaster
Through The Looking Glass
"Pama through a glass window, I like the slight bokeh." – NH
Nick Hollman
Majestic Tails
"Otis on the track, real gentle light glowing off his majestic ponytail hahah." – NH
Nick Hollman
The Storm
"As the storm round in. The clouds were looking pretty angry." – NH
Nick Hollman
Benny Godwin
Benny Godwin, hucks into the heavy rain of the final morning.
Blaise Bell
Pama Davies Disposable
"Pama surfs really good and is a cool dude." – NA
Nick Alcock
Benny and The Rain
"This was shot on the Sunday, while it was raining. This was one of the very few shots that turned out usable from this session. Rider : Benny Godwin" – NH
Nick Hollman
Kallin Ball On Rail
The precise rail work of South Coaster Kalani Ball. Rain storm speed blur.
Blaise Bell
Benny Godwin Says Goodbye
Benny was upset that we were leaving because there were good waves on the way." – NA
Nick Alcock
Young, Free, Alright! Weekender Roll Call
YFA Weekender Roll Call. From left – Kaius, Ben, Lucas, Lucy, Otis, Nick G, Mike, Nick A, Pama, Owen, Nick H, Harrison, Blaise, Dan & Kalani.
Gav Palmer
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