Maroochydore Surf Cam & Surf Report

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1-3 ft E
@ 13 sec
4 kn NW
19 min ago
Outgoing tide
H 5:29 PM (1.4m)
L 11:24 PM (0.4m)
H 5:51 AM (1.9m)
L 12:25 PM (0.4m)
5:58 AM 5:43 PM
26° Water
Tandem Surf And Sport Australia

Maroochydore Surf Report


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ESE swell is fading and settling early as the conditions are clean under light offshores. There are some groomed but infrequent 2ft range sets across better beaches, though more like 1ft or less elsewhere with size depending on exposure. Earlier the better before southerlies are due later on. WIND: Light Westerly near dawn, turning S to 10 knots in the morning, then SE 10 to 15 knots during the afternoon.

by Anthony Spinks for Tandem Surf And Sport Australia
  • Today's rating - Good

    Updated 4 Apr 2020 @ 5:24 AM (local)

    Dawn Patrol Report. The ESE swell hangs in there at 1-3ft on the open beaches, though expect long intervals between the sets. Surf conditions will be best early under NNW winds ahead of north easterlies up to 15 knots. The northern corners offering some shelter. It astounds me over the past couple of days surfing how close everyone is out in the water. Please take the Social Distancing rule seriously. Create your space, have a chat. catch some waves don't loiter in car parks, there are also fines for sun baking on the beach. Have a swim, a walk along the beach, and head home. Enjoy your day in the waves. Spinksy

    ...As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, everyone across the world is experiencing unprecedented, fast-changing and ever-confusing times – and that includes us surfers and general ocean lovers across Australia’s coasts. But one thing we can be certain of is that social distancing and self isolating is needed in order to beat the coronavirus. And the sooner and more completely we all do that, the sooner we can get back to what we love.


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  • Morning
    Swell: 0.8m
    Wind: N 10-20 kts
    Best at: Exposed areas
    Conditions: Semi-clean

    Swell: 0.7m
    Wind: NNW 10-20 kts
    Best at: Exposed areas
    Conditions: Clean

Tomorrow's Surf Forecast

2ft+ ESE
@ 13 sec
8 kn NW
@ 12 AM

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UV Index : 5 (Moderate)
MAROOCHYDORE AERO Wind Speed & Direction
Last updated 19 min ago at MAROOCHYDORE AERO
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