Nth NSW Surf Forecasts

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North Bondi

4 - 6 ft - WNW winds @ 8 knots Mostly sunny. 18.2°C, water 21°C


4 - 6 ft - WNW winds @ 8 knots Mostly sunny. 18.2°C, water 21°C

Manly - Fairy Bower

4 - 6 ft - NW winds @ 4 knots Mostly sunny. °C, water 21°C

Forecasters Blog

Forecaster Blog: Dual Tropical Cyclones Lining up to Deliver Days of Pumping Easterly Groundswell to the East Coast.

Dual cyclones active over the tropical Pacific Ocean hold definitively large east-swell potential for the East Coast.

Forecaster Blog: Tropical Cyclone Yasa and its distant cousin, Tropical Cyclone Zazu

A distant Southwest Pacific cyclone holds latent east swell potential in the lead-up to Christmas.

Forecaster Blog: The East Coast’s Tropical Swell Window is About to Wake Up

A resurgent La Nina is about to rock the East Coast this December.

Forecaster Blog: The 2020 La Nina, East Coast Tropical Cyclone Seasonal Outlook

Will the 2020/21 cyclone season live up to expectations?

Forecaster Blog: Climate Models Tipping Towards a Stronger La Niña

The 2020 La Niña continues to gather momentum: What will the surf be like this November and December?

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