So You Want To Buy A Slater Designs Sci-Fi Surfboard?

29 Apr 2016 18 Share

Tim Hanrahan

Coastalwatch Board Reviewer



Since January when World Championship Tour Wildcard surfer Stu Kennedy sky-rocketed to glory at the Quiksilver Pro, Snapper Rocks, the Sci-Fi board has been a hot topic. 

Tim from Aloha Surf has said it's been flying off the racks since it came into stock just a couple of weeks ago, so he took one out and tested it for himself to see if the hype worthy of all the froth.

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I've spent the last week riding and reviewing one of the most technically advanced boards on the planet, right now appropriately named the Sci-fi.

This model is the brainchild of the lethal duo of Kelly Slater and Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson. I'm pretty sure the perfectly executed timing of Stuart Kennedy tearing up Snapper in the first WSL contest of the year, combined with consistent plugging from the WSL commentators, definitely assisted in launching this new model into the spotlight with all engines firing.

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It has resulted in everyone, including myself frothing on getting their hands on one to test it out and answer the blatantly obvious question, 'is it the board, or is Stuey Kennedy just a freak of nature?' Fortunately, for myself, I was one of the few lucky ones to get hold of one thanks to the good kind folks at Firewire HQ.

Stu Kennedy the giant slayer, taking down champions and pulling off incredible moves, Photo by WSL

Stu Kennedy the giant slayer, taking down champions and pulling off incredible moves, Photo by WSL

I must admit after all the hype I was pretty excited to give it run.

Firstly let's review the stats: The board I rode was the 5'10 x 19 1/2 x 2 9/16 and the volume is 30.7 litres. For the record, I'm around 80 kilos and a pretty strong paddler and although my boards are usually between 29 to 30 Litres I felt the 5'10 would be better than the 5'9 at 29.2 litres.

The first surf I rode it in was really clean two-foot beachies. Usually, I would have chosen something a bit more small-wave orientated but the Sci-Fi still felt quick with a lot of drive and release.

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It's a complex design with its straighter rail line, quad concaves to channels and a flyer double bat tail so it felt quite different to most other boards. Although the outline is slightly fishy, it still felt like it needed a more push in the wave to get it going properly. Hence, I was still super keen to try it again in a bit more juice.

Round two, the next surf I had was in a punchy four-feet east swell at my local beach North Steyne. It was onshore and pretty lumpy and choppy but I couldn't believe how much speed the board generated. Paddle power was great and the board just drove thru both steeper and flat sections with ease. It felt like the bat tail was pivotal and loose yet it also held thru the turns with heaps of control.

All in all my conclusion was that Stu Kennedy is a freak but the board is an exciting new model and I'd recommend it to any competent surfer looking for something fresh. Wow, I'm looking forward to seeing what these guys can develop in the future.

If you live in Sydney you can drop into Aloha Surf Shop Manly to pick up your own.

Have you already purchased a Sci-Fi for yourself? Let us know what you think below...

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