This Week In Surfing: The WSL's Going Live On Facebook, The Grombash Rules, & Occy Interviews Dorian!

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Mike Jennings

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Countdown to competition surfing, Carissa Moore is This Week In Surfing's pick for the 2017 World Title

Countdown to competition surfing, Carissa Moore is This Week In Surfing's pick for the 2017 World Title


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was March 10, 2017 

1. Morocco’s Modern Life

This Moroccan break made waves through the Internet this week, with it’s Cape St Francis on caffeine vibes that had a lot of people comparing it to Mick Fanning’s Internet breaking Snake/Cobra/mystery wave a few week’s back. This one looks a little more rideable, and also a whole lot easier to get to on account of them telling us it’s in Morocco. There’s something really fun about the way this video has been put together: The pulled back shots, the sometimes crooked framing, the basic editing, the lack of colour correction, the unapolegitally surfyness of the surf music... it’s like discovering a surf video on community television back in the 90s. I’m into it. How about the skimboarder being paddled into waves by a friend on what looks like a stand-up paddle board? Fun for the skim guy, must suck to be the paddle guy though, right? How’d he draw that short straw?

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2. Grom Bash 2017

Have you heard? The current issue of Surfing World is a special grommet issue and it’s so good. It harks back to the legendary grombash issues of Surfing World past, and captures that same infectous and timeless energy of Aussie gromdom. You should check it out, I wrote the Get Skooled article in it where I explain to teenagers how to have sex, which was a stange job, and how to do other things like tie down a surfboard and say thank you to people. Tyler Bell was along for the Grom Bash and made this fantastic 15 minute surf movie and you should watch it because it will be the best thing you watch this week. They nailed it. Go down to your newsagent and grab a copy of the mag and feel young again. Or don't, it's your life, do what you want.

3. The Quikky Pro Is Gonna Start Soon!

Yes! The offseason is almost over everybody, and soon we can be distracted from the meaningless of our daily existences with the watching of surfers who are so so so much better than us at the thing we love to do most. Surfboard riding! The Quiksilver and Roxy Pros – events number 1 of the 2017 World Surf League Championship Tour – begin on Tuesday. With the countdown to the season’s start, the WSL have dropped a couple of announcements that are all pretty compelling, had they not been obvious about three months ago. They are: 1. Mick Fanning has committed to the full 2017 season. 2. Owen Wright has accepted the injury wildcard and will be competing to the full 2017 season. And 3. Mikey Wright has claimed the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast wildcard. What fun!

In honour of tradition, Huey our lord of wind and swell has blessed the competition by producing fantastic waves for the week before the comp hits go, and will likely disappear altogether for the event period.

Here is what CW Chief Swell Forecaster Ben Macartney has to say about the forecast:

"Like Sleeping Beauty, Snapper is set to fall into a deep slumber just as the first heat hits the water; possibly remaining in long-lasting repose until near the end of the waiting period." Awesome!

Other news hitting the WSL world this week is that following the announcement that Samsung would no longer be a title sponsor of the WSL, all CT heats will be broadcast live on Facebook this year.

This means a bunch of different things that are all pretty vague right now, but will become a whole lot clearer in the future, but basically it means that with the power of Facebook the WSL viewrship numbers will go through the roof. We're talking quadrupling the current (unknown) figures, easy. More even. It also highlights how hamstrung surfing is as a sport when it comes to securing major broadcast deals, and then finally, it signals Facebook's movement towards becoming a serious broadcaster and publisher themselves. So many things! Do we care? No... only that Round 1, Heat 7 will have Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning facing off against one another. Talk about a blockbuster way to start Day 1! Too bad the surf is probably going to be dog poo. 

Anyway who do you think will win the events? And who do you think will win the World Title? Here are This Week In Surfing's predictions:

World Titles: Mick Fanning, Carissa Moore

Stop 1, Gold Coast: Filipe Toledo (or Kolohe Andino/Julian Wilson... it's so hard), Carissa Moore

VIDEO: John John Going Nuts With Wilko, Coco, and some guy in speedos

4. Occ and Dorian

This Occ-Cast is getting better with every episode, and this week it has the blockbuster interview of Shane Dorian, who explains in incredible lucid detail the intricacies of big wave surfing. Is it the best Occ-Cast yet? Probably! Sidenote: Recently, I spent a whole day, 18 hours non-stop, watching every single surf video released by Taylor Steele and Jack McCoy in the decade of the 90s. It was a torturous experience, but out the other end of it I learnt two things: Occy is the biggest freaking legend ever, and Shane Dorian was, aside from Kelly Slater, probably the best surfer of the 90s. So good, and something that’s easy to forget when presented with the big wave pioneer he has evolved into. Legend.

5. Torren and Tyler and Twin Fins and Cloudbreak

Out of all the surf videos that were released this week, Sea Legs is definitely one of them. Torren Martyn and Tyler Warren, who have very similar names with all the Rs Ts and Ns, also have similar affinities for twin fin surfboards, stylish surfing, and getting really really barrelled in beautiful Fijian tubes. Seven minutes of gold right here.

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6. Creed For Rage

Surfer owned companies are all the rage at the moment (intended) and did you know that Creed McTaggart, Noa Deane, Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson, Shaun Manners, and filmmaker Toby Cregan have a tail pad and deck grip one? In promotion of that they released this very good Creed McTaggart clip. The surfing and the edit is good, but the personal highlight comes in the last split second when, if you pause the vid at just the right moment, you can see behind the scenes cult heroes Josh Simpson, Duncan McNicol, and Aaron Girgis. The best!

7. Dane At Supertubos

Remember when Dane got locked up a couple of weeks ago for arriving in Lisbon wihout a passport? And everyone was like, “What’s Dane doing in Portugal anyway?” Well, turns out he was joining Craig Anderson and Bruce Irons in scoring absolutely pumping Supertubos!

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8. Lovely Bryon Fest Film

A little change of pace now with this beautiful short documentary that’s been doing the rounds the past couple of days. It focuses on a Japanese surdboard shaper named Masami Yaguchi, who left his home surf spot of Shonan just south of Tokyo, and has relocated to his dream surf neighbourhood of Byron Bay. He’s got a neat little drop knee longboard turn on him too. Drink a cup of tea, hit play on this, and have a little pause. Surfing really is just a beautiful simple little thing, isn’t it? We’re so lucky.

9. New Podcast: The Dooley Episode 5

Live every Tuesday morning is a fresh episode of The Dooley, a weekly surf quiz where Danny, the host of Weak Wrap, is the only contestant. You can find episode 5 on or by subscribing on iTunes, and anywhere else you get your podcasts, to hear idiot discussion and questions about Julian Wilson, how much the Samsung WSL deal was worth (before it went kaput), and not watching Manly's Aus Open of Surfing. Embedded below is 30 seconds from Episode 3. Hoot!

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10. Snaketales At Manly

Former Pipe Master Jake "Snake" Paterson coaches the Quiksilver crew on the QS, and in the process he puts together these low prodcution quality, highly entertaining episodes of Snaketales, that could well be a sleeper hit as the best content in surfing. It's fun, it has surfing, it has Zeke Lau channelling Johhny Boy Gomes, why not? This episode comes from  the Australian Open of Surfing at Manly, and it also comes with a language warning.

Bonus... Weak Wrap Time!

What would a week be without Weak Wrap? Without Danny Johnson making us laugh and laugh and laugh at all the surfing things in the compact format of a two and half minute video? A bad week, that's what. Gee he’s good, but what’s his problem with Alex Gray? What did Alex Gray do to him? Is everything okay between Danny J and Alex Gray? I’m going to ask him.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. CW out.

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