They're Calling Parko's Wave The Best Snapper Tube Ever, Your Australian Surfing Team Announced, and the Best Not Landed Air You'll See This Year

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Mike Jennings

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Can you believe this thing? Photo: Parko's Instagram

Can you believe this thing? Photo: Parko's Instagram


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was March 16, 2018

1. The Quiksilver and Roxy Pros Went Down

Yes yes yes, the WSL CT for 2018 is one event down with Julian Wilson and Lakey Peterson sitting atop the Championship Tour rankings in the World No.1 spots respectively. Despite a no-show from Kelly Slater (injured), Fanning being knocked out relatively early and all World Title favourites being knocked well before finals day, it was a ripper event. What was the highlight then?

– Mikey Wright's demolishing of World Champs John John Florence and Gabriel Medina as a wildcard?

– The performance of Lakey Peterson up at Snapper, making the grandest of statements with nothing but the powerfu slice of her rails?

– That psycho underwater nosepick thing Filipe did in round 4?

– The decision to move finals day to Kirra?

– Griffin Colapinto's 10 point Kirra triple-tube?

– Julian Wilson's 9.99999 or whatever it was to open the men's final against Ace Buchan?

Take your pick, I'm rolling with rookie Colapinto's  10, which you can see below.

2. They Announced The Teams and Ticket Prices For The Founders' Cup of Surfing

So, as we know, the WSL has a fancy new teams event in their fancy new pool, and just the other day they announced who would be representing their regions in said event:

Captain: Stephanie Gilmore (AUS)
Mick Fanning (AUS)
Matt Wilkinson (AUS)
Julian Wilson (AUS)
Tyler Wright (AUS)

Captain: Gabriel Medina (BRA)
Adriano de Souza (BRA)
Filipe Toledo (BRA)
Silvana Lima (BRA)
Taina Hinckel (BRA) 

Captain: Johanne Defay (FRA)
Jeremy Flores (FRA)
Frederico Morais (PRT)
Leonardo Fioravanti (ITA)
Frankie Harrer (DEU)  (Malibu) 

Captain: Kelly Slater (USA)
John John Florence (USA)
Kolohe Andino (USA)
Carissa Moore (USA)
Courtney Conlogue (USA) 

Captain: Jordy Smith (ZAF)
Michel Bourez (PYF)
Kanoa Igarashi (JPN)Paige Hareb (NZL)
Bianca Buitendag (ZAF)

The WSL also announced the ticket packages available to purchase and see the event, one of which is a deluxe package that alongside VIP treatment and a hotel room, gives you access to a one hour session surfing the pool. The price? $9500 USD plus a $288 booking fee. Read Nick Carroll's full story on the matter. It's a blast.

3. Here Is The Best Not-Landed Air You've Ever Seen

it was done by young Hawaiian Barron Mamiya and, wow, is it something. He goes close, doesn't he?

4. Chase Starring Scott Whip Dennis Is Messed Up

Well, shit. If this clip by one of Australia’s best and hardest charging underdog core-lords doesn’t blow your hair back… I don’t know what will.

"Chase" - Scott Dennis 2017 from Frost Films on Vimeo.

5. Clay Marzo Is Still Unbelievable

If you were to passionately yell at me, across a dining room table, over a nice steak dinner, yell at me and point your fork with a juicy cut of steak on it, yell at me that Clay Marzo, on his forehand, is the best surfer in the world bar none... I'm not sure I would argue back. Particularly after watching the way he surfs in this here video. (Also, the clip at 3.13 is one of the most interesting and beautiful I've seen for some time).

6. Mason Ho's Hawaiian Winter

It wasn't a great Hawaiian season, but that matters little for Mason Ho when it comes to making surfing entertaining to watch. He's the best! And in this one he has a mohawk while taking on bombing, proper Banzai Pipeline. Which is also the best!

7. This Was Parko At Snapper While Kirra Was On

So, turns out that when they made the decision to move the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro comp site down to Kirra, Snapper went ballistic and produced the best waves seen there in a long long time. You'd hate to be a WSL commissioner, wouldn't you? For the record, Kirra was super entertaining and we all loved it. But have a look at this thing Parko got, would ya?

A post shared by Joel Parkinson (@joelparko) on

8. Speaking of Pumping Snapper...

Here's Red Bull's clip from the incredible Gita swell a couple of weeks back.

9. Here's A Weird Laird Video

Cause Laird is amazing, he went on some kind of American TV show and told the world that he judged his wife and thought she was stupid the first time they met. Brilliant. What a brilliant guy!

10. And Here's The Dooley Back

Our weekly surf podcast quiz is back, with worse audio than ever, and asking questions like: Julian Wilson and Ace Buchan faced off in the final of the Quiksilver Pro, but what other rad thing do they now have in common? Are surfers named Michael better than surfers with other names? And does surfing the Kelly pool cost more or less than a hot pink 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage? Give it a listen.

This Week's Classic Surf Music Memory

This Week In Surfing's Classic Surf Music Memory is brought to you by Summer Bright Lager

Considering that the Quiksilver and Roxy Gold Coast Pros just wrapped up, it's a fun time to reminisce back to the 2014 event when none other than Jimmy Buffet played a free concert right in front of the presentation area, and was accompanied by six time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore and 11 time World Champ Kelly Slater. That makes a band with 17 World Titles. Hilarious! Unfortunately the footage below is the steadiest we could find.

Check out Summer Bright's Lager's Summer Sessions Music Tour this summer where unfortunately Jimmy Buffet with Steph Gilmore and Kelly Slater won't be playing, but Alex Lahey will.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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