The Utlimate Core-Lord Desert Trip Video, Reef Heazlewood's Stomping Quite Big Airs Now, & Owen's Backhand Tube Threading Masterclass

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was November 9, 2018

1. Reef Heazlewood Did a Pretty Ridiculous Air

Ummm... okay. Welcome to the club of giant, ankle-break-defying stomped airs Mr. Heazlewood. At Rocky Point this week, the young Sunny Coaster turned a few heads with the below performance. Another fun fact, Reef currently sits at 18th on the QS. With the Triple Crown starting on Monday, it's not a bad time to find some elite form in Hawaii, not a bad time at all.

2. Russell Bierke In A (Very Bad) Nazare Wipeout

My goodness, young Australian super-charger Rusell Bierke suffered the worst wipeout you'll see this month at Nazare yesterday. The filmmaker who caught this footage, Pedro Miranda, wrote up a summary to go with the video, which included this spicy quote from Rusty:

“This was by far my longest hold down ever! I barely got a breath before the second wave landed on me. Feeling pretty sore today, got a good whiplash when I skipped in front of the wave, but no injuries, which is good. Felt like I could barely walk up the beach when Igot there.”

How wild is the replay at the end when you can see just how critical and bonkers the fade was that Bierke attempted on that giant wall of water?

3. Here's 1 Minute of Owen Wright Backhand Tuberiding Pumping Points

It's pre-Christmas time, so Rip Curl are wheeling out some boarshort promos and we get treated to unbelievable and super good footage of the world's best surfers, like Owen here, surfing pumping pointbreaks, like in this clip here. I watched this one twice.

4. Koa Rothman and Friends Go To Teahupo'o

Teahupo'o is quite good. And Koa and his friends, like Nathan Florence and Kiron Jabour are also quite good. I like watching Koa's YouTube channel because it's kind of like watching a YouTube channel of me and my friends hanging out... if me and my friends could surf well and did anything other than talk garbage and play nintendo... if I had friends. Other than those differences, watching Koa Rothman's channel is very relateable for me. Two thumbs up.

5. Wade Goodall Tells A Story

And it's a story about meeting Metallica in Costa Rica. Wade is the best.

6. Core Lords Do 37 Day Desert Trip and It's Sick

Back in the day in Vicco, on Channel 31, there used to be a late night community tv surfing show. I have no idea what it was called, I have no idea who featured in it, but I do remember that it was sick. In some ways it reminds me of this, Desert Blue – a 26 minute completely independently made surf movie featuring little heard of surfers Jake Edwards, Nick Muntz, Jack Chalis and Josh Cattlin scoring incredible waves and ripping the bag out of them. It's bloody unreal.

7. Change-Ups At SurfAid

There is no news in the surf world that's as exciting as admin news, amirite? This week the incredible non-gov organisation that is SurfAid announced that after ten years of service their CEO Andrew Judge would be stepping down from the role, and stepping into the role will be Doug Lees. Doug Lees has been the leader/publisher/head of advertising and whatnot of both Coastalwatch and Surfing World Magazine, for 15 years or so now, so the org will be in extremely good hands. Doug Lees was also once a Levis model in his youth, but I'm not sure he likes when you bring that up, so don't do that. And definitely don't write about it on a surf website, don't write about how he was once a Levis model. Nope.

8. Michael February's A Style Master In The Making

While his rookie CT results have been less than brilliant, South African Michael February is a surfer always worth watching when his footage hits an edit. And this week it did, and it did in sublime fashion thanks to Surfer Magazine's well paced and lovely take here. Get on board.

9. Jordy Lawler Takes Out the Phillip Island QS

Ripper, the east coast of Vic has a QS now, down on the classic traffic-light lacking spot of Phillip Island, and Woolamai was kinda pumping for it this week. Jordy Lawler got the trophy, his second time for the year, winning the final over Australasian Junior Champ Kehu Butler. Did you know that Jordy Lawler had his Instagram hacked and wiped earlier this year too? Phwoooar, I can't imagine anything worse happening to a fella in their early 20s. Give him a follow –

10. *Thumbs Up* "G'Day Elizabeth" *Points* "Mick Fanning's Mum"

Yeah, fair dinkum, it's the second time Prime Minister Scott Morrison has worn a surf brand cap. Last time it was Hurley, this week it's Rip Curl. Who is next? Afends? On a completely unrelated note, have I lost my mind? Is this real? What is happening?

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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