A Jet Ski Conversation Probably Needs to Happen Soon, the Gold Coast Is Getting Their Own Wave Pool, & What Do You Think of the New WSL Logo?

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Mike Jennings

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A screenshot from the bonkers Currumbin session you can see in the below video.

A screenshot from the bonkers Currumbin session you can see in the below video.


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was March 1, 2019

1. That Currumbin Clip From Oma (Also, Jet Skis?)

I'm surprised there aren't more pro surfer personal edits out from the ridiculous and interet murdering swell that Cylone Oma delivered last weekend, but I guess they'll be out next week or so. Till then, let's rewatch this one from Currumbin Alley that was perhaps where it all got biggest and brutalist.

Also, did you hear about the jet-skis? Is it time to have a conversation about jet skis?

It's been reported that Gold Coast police were shooting all the jet skis brumm brumming around with a telephoto lens, identifying regos and sending them fines. This raises a whole host of questions, of which I have no idea of the answers. 18 Seconds Magazine, managed by top legend Andy Morris, summed up the interesting Gold Coast Jet Ski saga on Instagram:

"Stackin clips or being pricks? The fines have started arriving in the mail for people using skis during the Oma swell. According to sources, they’re being fine for going over 6 knots within 60 meters of paddlers. They have even issued fines to several lifeguards going over 6 knots near the Alley breakwall. There have been lots of cases where skis are the ones helping surfers who are in trouble during dangerous cyclone swells. In fact, we were only speaking to a guy (fit in his fifties) yesterday who wiped out over the weekend. He said it was such a heavy belting, when he surfaced he couldn’t see anything - was just seeing black. With eight-foot sets washing him around, he thought he was gone. Luckily, a ski grabbed the man and took him to the safety of the beach. But law is law. Thoughts?"

And then futher up north, there's been a couple of grumbles on jet ski use around Noosa (where it was paaa-umping). Here's what On Surfari Photography posted about the situation on Facebook:

"Cirque dude Soleil Noosa. Jet skis at the points. Been shooting Noosa for 20 years now. In my early shots there were none, around 2010 we would get a few. Nearly 2020 there were 7 just at Tea Tree on Saturday. In ten years there should be 14 in the line up. As a photog you can't get a line up shot with skis because they put chop on the wave leave a brown smudge that hangs around for ages and just get in the way. As a surfer if they come right in the bay like they were on Saturday they are a real risk of hitting people and the guys getting lifts back to the lineup get all the waves. They obviously have their place in big wave surfing but 6-8ft surf at the Points in Noosa? Would be interested in hearing people's view on the skis."

So... where does that leave us? What place do jet-skis have in surfing and do they need to be better regulated?

Also, do you think that Nintendo should remake the classic Nintendo 64 Game Wave Race? That was some good Jet-Ski content.

2. The Gold Coast Is Getting A Big Ol' Wave Pool!

I think if there was one thing we can take away from the past week of ridiculous barrels on the Gold Coast, it should definitely be that the region doesn't get enough of them. So, here, here you go, take more, take them all, have all the waves! This time round on the wave pool merry go round it's Surf Lakes announcing that their first open-to-the-public wave pool will open at an undisclosed location somewhere on the Goldy by the end of 2020. Which part of the Gold Coast do you think it should be? I reckon smack bang in the middle of Cavill Avenue, just for the schoolies and tooleys each year.

3. The WSL Has A New Logo, and other WSL News

The best thing about new designs for anything is that they are always absolutely hated at first, and then completely forgotten about in less than a month. I worked at Coastalwatch when the site got redesigned in 2013/14 or so and, oh boy, did we cop it. But does anyone remember what the old site looked like. It was garbage. So yep, I reckon this too will be forgotten pretty quickly. Here's the old logo and the new logo so you can compare. Which one do you hate the most?

There's some other WSL news this week too. The first being that the Margaret River Pro CT event is locked in until at least 2021 after the WSL and West Aus tourism agreed to a deal. Reminder: this year's Margaret River Pro will take place way back in May this year, less sharks etc.

And the other WSL news is that they have announced a new Air-Show mini-tour thing with energy drink company Red Bull. It's called the Red Bull Airborne Series and will feature three events (Snapper, Keramas and Hossegor). Josh Kerr is gonna be the boss of the series, which is cool, we all love Kerrsy, and the series is part of a larger sponsorship deal with Red Bull that sees the company become the official drink sponsor of the Championship Tour and Big Wave Tour until the end of 2021. Not sure how Filipe Toledo and his beloved Monster Energy Drink will fit in with that when he hoists the World Title trophy in October. Time will tell...

4. Barron Mamiya's Big Clip

This is a really lovely looking clip, artfully produced with big music and ripper surfing by the up and coming super talent from Hawaii, Barron Mamiya… buuuuuut… do you feel like that the dialogue at the beginning of the clip could be said by any half decent athlete, about any sport, ever? Scratch that, not even sport, maybe just anything? Watch this:

"I think that making sandwiches (for Subway) is almost all mental. My dad pushed me a lot when I was growing up, but I think I’m a naturally competitive person anyways (at making Sandwiches, for Subway), if I thought I didn’t belong here, I would have quit a long time ago (quit being a sandwich artist, for Subway)."

Oh there’s more talking in the middle, too. It’s better, but it’s way more fun when you imagine it’s about being a Subway Sandwich Artist… at Subway. Anyway, the clip is great and I should shut up. Eat fresh!

5. Fun Boys Do Oma

Filmmaker Harry Triglone and the Fun Boys are on fire at the moment, and this week Ozzie Wright, Shaun Manners, Wade Goodall, Taj Burrow, Mikey Wright, Creed McTaggart and more hit some North Coast beach break fun followed by Oma madness. As Triglone puts it in the vid description, “Fun boys at the start, serious boys at the end.” That first track is by a group called Sleaford Mods by the way, the internet is telling me they have a new album that’s going to be a top 10 hit this year.

6. Asher Wales and Pama Davies for NCHE

Indie wetsuit brand NCHE released a neat clip featuring their neat team of Asher Wales, Pama Davies, Taj Richmond and Zack McMahon. Neat. If you’re looking for a friend, by the way, Asher Wales is a really good hang. The road trip vibes that play throughout give a little insight into that. So you should make friends with him if you get the chance. Add him on Facebook maybe.

7. Here's That 15 Minute Jesse Mendes Freesurf Clip Everyone Was Asking For

The subhead above is a joke, but there's some really good surfing here from the 2019 CT Brazillian sophomore and Mikey Wright rival.

8. FCS Are Doing Something Cool

FCS announced a sweet new initiative that will celebrate the corest of surf core legends we have – shapers. It's their inaugural FCS Shaper Awards.

There are going to be two categories to the award: the Legend Shaper Award and the Icon Shaper Award, with one winner for each category.

The Legend Shaper Award will go to someone who has a minimum of 40 years commitment to the shaping trade, has made a significant contribution to surfboard design, is highly respected by their peers, and is currently shaping.

The Icon Shaping Award will go to someone slightly fresher, with a minimum of 20 years commitment to shaping, who has also shown an innovative and committed approach to shaping, as well as being highly regarded in the surfboard building trade, and is still currently shaping.

It's up to the public to nominate the candidates, and then the judges – legends and icons themselves, Rabbit, TC and Gerr – will pick three finalists for each, and then narrow it down to a winner for each.

he Legend and Icon Award winners will shape two boards that best represent their shaping philosophy, one of which will be surfed by Mick Fanning and the other will be auctioned for charity.

So, let’s get voting for some legends and icons who've foam dust embedded in their knuckles! We’ve got till March 30 to get our nominations in! Nominate a shaper right here.

9. Ain't That Swell Is Going On Tour

Yes, shredheads, waxheads, kooks and barneys, the best podcast in the whole surfing world is going on tour doing live shows down the East Coast of Aus this autumn. It's going to be looooooose!

Dates: The Wicko, Newcastle Thursday March 28 | Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast Wednesday April 10 | Torquay Bowling Club, Torquay Wednesday April 17 | Avalon Bowling Club, Avalon Beach Friday May 3 | Aquiva Surf Fest, Tasmania Friday May 24.

Tickets can be found through the Ain't That Swell Facebook Page.

10. Props To This Kiwi Gun!

I don’t care that all that Nias footage at the beginning is from forever ago, I’m here for it. Kiwi Elliot Paerata Reid is going for it, and paired with that fast paced Flaming Lips track, it makes for a pretty sick clip. Some pretty good small wave surfing here too, but the barrels are where the video shines.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone!

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