All the Pro Surfers Are Starting Youtube Channels and It Kinda Sucks, Plus Noa and Creed Drop Rad West Aus Clip, and Is 2019 Italo's Year?

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was March 15, 2019

1. Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart and Shaun Manners Drop Clip

Product moguls, the Rage boys have thrown us a clip to show off their deck grip and it's a full on heavy West Aus tube fest. Some of those clips from North Point, *chef's kiss*. And the loaded in irony of ending the clip with Shaun Manners walking up the rocks, holding his board with no tailpad or deck grip, hilarious. A+ clip and the best one from the past seven days, easy.

2. Will 2019 Be Italo's Year?

The guy is really bloody good. And he keeps dropping clips like this one where he goes bonkers. He's definitely a contender, that said, 2019 will be harder to win than 2018, I reckon. John John is back and the Fanning era has well and truly left us, it's this gen's tour now. Speaking of John John...

3. John John Has Joined YouTube, Check This Clip Out

So it turns out that John John has been quietly migrating all his incredible clips from Vimeo over to YouTube, populating his JJF YouTube Channel with content. Amongst them was this one titled Souvenir that went live way back in January and... did I miss it? Did we all miss it? I feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't know what's going on any more. Anyway, at the moment John John Florence's YouTube channel is all his old A-Grade short films, his web series Twelve, and some trailers for bigger projects. I'm really, really hoping he doesn't go down that surf-vlogger route... but we'll see. Ten minute clips every single week where John John eats breakfast, calls friends on the phone to see if they want to go surfing, goes surfing, then comes in and tells us what it was like to go surfing... it's so so so so much worse than a top quality surf clip two to three times a year, or better than that, a full once a year surf movie. Don't do it John John!

4. John John's Instagram From The Post

More current content from John John was this short clip he shared on Instagram of him hitting the Kelly pool in preperation for the 2019 CT. 

5. Jack and Alana Join The YouTube Vloggers

Their web series is called Happy Surf... and sure, okay. The first episode sees them go to a farmer's market, shred fun Snapper, and their adorable little grom Banks scores his first wave. And yep, it's pretty-well the same style vlog content that dominates YouTube and earns millions for those who get the knack of it. I don't begrudge Jack and Alana for jumping on board, there's so many YouTube stars out there making great money while living far less interesting lives than they – honestly, look up famous YouTube vloggers and click around... my god. Jack and Alana fit the perfect mould of being super attractive, extremely likeable lifestyle type vloggers that surfers and, more importantly, giant popuations of non-surfers can hit subscribe to and watch week on week on week on week. In fact, Jack and Alana have that mainstream cross-over appeal to make their channel bigger than even the big dogs of Koa Rothman and Jamie O'Brien. More than anything though, this marks the tipping point in the pro surfer content trend – Instagram is old news for pro surfers, having your own YouTube Surf-Vlog is the new place to be. Funny how not too long ago it was Instagram that killed the Surfer blog and video series that made stars of Dion Agius and Paul Fisher... round and round it goes.

6. Coffin Brothers At Micro's Training Camp

And now to Conner and Parker Coffin's month-and-a-bit old YouTube series, where this week they head to the Central Coast for the Micro Surf Academy training camp. Content content content, YouTube YouTube, YouTube.

7. Nathan Florence's YouTube Channel Launches Also

One last one for the pro surfer YouTube Vlog additions this week – Nathan Florence has launched his and thrown three videos on it in a single week. This episode features him and Jordy Smith trying to do airs and junk. Interesting to see Jordy Smith living(?) and hanging out on the North Shore with the local guns. Could be a change-up for his CT performance, no?

8. Did You See the New Surfing World Cover?

The new issue of SW is a photo special and it features what some are calling the greatest surf photo of all time: Michel Bourez at Teahupo'o, shot by Leroy Bellet. Extraordinary.

9. R.I.P. Jan Michael Vincent 

This week actor Jan Michael Vincent died of cardiac arrest. Vincent was the star of the classic Hollywood surf film Big Wednesday, playing troubled surf-legend Matt Johnson. Vincent himself was sadly also troubled following his star TV role in American action series Airwolf, struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as well as damaged vocal chords and a neck problems the result of three car accidents, and a leg amputation due to another car accident. Let's remember him at his greatest though, as Matt Johnson in Big Wednesday. "That is Matt Johnson, that is Matt Johnson!"  

10. Meet Kelly Slater's Ambidextrous Surfing Shaper

His name is Dan Mann, and he surfs both natural and goofy. A life without ever having to go backside, what a dream! He appears in this clip shot around Kelly's wave pool to launch a new Slater Designs board, the FRK.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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