Losing a Morning of the Earth Legend, Fresh Dane Footage, and Kolohe's Killer Cali Clip

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was March 29, 2019

1. R.I.P. Baddy Treloar

This week was a sad week for Australian surfing with the news that Dave “Baddy” Treloar passed away on Thursday after reportedly suffering a heart attack on the beach at Angourie after surfing the point. Baddy, of course, was one of the stars of some of our most seminal surf films, including Albe Falzon’s Morning of the Earth and George Greenough’s Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, amongst others.

Celebrated surf writer and author Tim Baker wrote a beautiful piece remembering Baddy, and I can't recommend enough that you give it a read.

A true icon and legend of Australian surfing, vale Baddy Treloar. Now let's watch this incredible part from Morning of the Earth.

2. Some Bad News From Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright took to Instagram this week to announce that sadly she won't be competing on the CT for the first half of 2019. You probably remember that Wright contracted Influenza A while surfing in Africa before J-Bay last year, and then was diagnosed later with post-viral syndrome, which she is still very much on the road to recovery from. So, this sucks. Our poor 2-time World Champion.

For the likes of Steph Gilmore, Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson,Sally Fitz and Courtney Conlogue, the pathway to the 2019 World Title got the slightest bit less difficult. For us surf fans, the title race will miss Wright's dominant presence. But whatever on that, let's just hope Wright overcomes this illness swiftly, and comes back stronger and ripping harder than ever.

3. Kolohe Andino Is Good At Surfing

What do you like more – creative surfer edits full of good surfing and perfectly curated music, or YouTube surfer vlogs with meandering content where surfers walk around and talk about what they're doing as they do it? Tough call, isn't it? Here's Kolohe with the former, an all Californian winter clip which in a really cool way merges the opening credits of Juno and Napolean Dynamite. Love it.

4. Some Sneaky New Dane Footage Hits The Internet

Remember Marine Layer Productions? God that was a good time for surf internet. Just incredibly good Dane Reyolds edits hitting us internet constantly. We were so lucky and we took it all for granted. I miss the old surf internet. Am I turning into a cranky old man, getting nostalgic for the good old days of surf internet? Is this old age? Yuck.

5. Coffin Brothers Do Rincon Classic

Your Weekly Tube hits their weekly deadline with this episode that sees Conner compete in a cool-looking community event at one of the best right points in surf history, Rincon. One day, one day we'll all finally get to Rincon and surf this wave, guys. I promise.

6. A Movie Worth Renting

Thank You Mother is a movie starring the smooth twin-finner Torren Martyn and it's narrated by Morning of the Earth filmmaker and legend Albe Falzon. Now you can rent the movie on Vimeo for a bit over eight bucks. Give 'em a go!

7. Nathan Florence At Late Season Waimea

Nathan Florence is the best surf YouTube vlogger we have, and he doesn't even really do anything other than just grab a Go-Pro and go surfing with his friends. Perhaps that's the secret? Here he is with friends surfing pretty solid Waimea, laughing and fooling around like it's your local beachbreak on a 2-foot day.

8. Occy Was On Hey Hey It's Saturday

This clip has nothing to do with this week other than the fact that I accidentally stumbled across it this week and it stoked me the frick out. Who knew 31 could look so young? This clip is called best of 98 Part 1. Part 2 features the Umbilical Brothers.

9. The Smith Brothers Launch a YouTube Vlog Series Too

Hooray, more YouTube Surf Vlogs! Koa Smith and his two brothers bring us... hang on, two brothers? There are three Smith brothers? Since when? Has this always been the case? This is like when I found out that Will Smith has three kids, not just Jaden and Willow. Or when I found out that James and Dave Franco also have a third brother... I couldn't sleep for weeks when I found that out.

10. A Gentle Reminder That The CT Starts Next Week

Ahhhhh! I haven't picked my Fantasy Surfing teams and both the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast and freshly named Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast start April 3, which is this coming Wednesday. Here's my tips, for the men's I believe up and coming underdog goofy-footer Michael Lowe will take the victory, and for the ladies keep an eye on Brazillian Jacqueline Silva.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Go North Melbourne.

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