Filipe Is the Favourite for J-Bay and Now the World Title Too, Nate Florence's Banger Movie, and Pumping Snapper

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was July 5, 2019

1. John John Is Out For The Season With An ACL Injury

Woooooah boy, World Title. Wooooooah boy, the US Olympic team. Easily the biggest news in the surfing world this week was John John Florence's post to Instagram confirming that he'd re-injured his ACL in Rio and definitely won't be coming to the Corona J-Bay Open/likely won't compete again this year (wouldn't be surprised to see a John John Pipe Masters cameo, though).

"This has been a really fun year in competition and outside of the jersey. Unfortunately, in Brazil I ruptured my ACL. I'll be pulling out of J-Bay and likely the rest of the CT season," wrote Florence to Instagram. "I'm opting for surgery so I can be 100% next year. I'm excited for this new adventure and everything I will learn along the way. Thanks for all of the support!"

If you've even been half-following the WSL this year, you'd know that John John has had a commanding lead on the ratings and was the clear favourite to take the 2019 World Title, his third. Now the likes of Kolohe Andino, Italo Ferreira, Filipe Toledo, and Jordy Smith have a clear path to a maiden World Title. Not to mention Gabriel Medina, way back in eighth, is back in with a chance to go back to back. Remember, Gabby is the only surfer to have won each of the last five events of the year. His weakest event on the schedule is Jeffreys Bay – and with speculation that J-Bay is likely to absolutely pump, and no Parko or Mick in the event, that comp is wide open for keeper results.

John John Florence's season ending injury makes life interesting for Kelly Slater too, what with the Olympics coming up next year and the top two Americans (including Hawaiians) getting a spot in the team – Slater (7th) is next in line to wear the red white and blue in Tokyo next July.

But, whatever... poor John John. Get that leg fixed and come back strong super legend!

Here's a clip John uploaded to his YouTube channel today from when he got to the Gold Coast early, well before the Quik Pro.

2. Snapper Was Very Good

I don't know if you're aware of this, but the Gold Coast received a whole buncha swell earlier in the week, and there was some nice sand packed in around Snapper Rocks ready and waiting for it. It's no surprise that Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning got the best of it. World Champs be doing World Champ things at home.

3. Nathan Florence's New Movie

There and Back Again is an alternative title for JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit, but it is also the title for Nathan "my new favourite surfer" Florence's 15 minute super edit of his major 2018 trips. It includes Tahiti, Mexico, Panama and Nias. It should be noted that Blake Vincent Kueny did the editing on this thing, he's the guy who made John John's View From A Blue Moon, a guy who is very, very good at this. 

4. Filipe Toledo In Sumbawa

Did you know that the bookies have Filipe here as the favourite to win both the Corona Open J-Bay aaaaaand the brother-flipping World Title? Do you think he's actually a chance? It's just so weird to think he's the out and out favourite to win the crown with Tahiti and Pipe still to come. It illustrates how wide open the World Title is this year now, I guess. Anyway, here's the World Title favourite and current World no.3 in Sumbawa.

5. The Occ-Cast Does Billy Kemper

The king of Jaws and wearing cowboy hats joins the great man Mark Occhilupo on his podcast for episode 39. Billy has one of those heads where you look at him and immediately feel every bit of fitness and health you are lacking in comparison. He looks like he could hold his breath for 20 minutes, meanwhile I get gassed just trying to chew through a baguette. That's tough work for me. Doesn't seem fair.

6. Trials Winners at Padang Padang

The Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang, Bali held its trials event on Saturday and was won by locals Raditya Rondi, Agus Dag, Koki Hendrawan and Mus Jeksen. The waiting period for the specialist comp runs over the whole month of July. Hopefully they score waves like these ones.

7. Al Knost Tells A Story

From the Vans Classic Tales series, surfing iconoclast Alex Knost holds court with his Witch's Rock surf trip yarn. I love this one because a surf trip to Witch's Rock with Robert August is something right out of Endless Summer II, and I love Endless Summer II. ("The surf. Was. Gangbusters.")

8. WSL Made a mini doc about Seth Moniz first event on tour

Even after a 17th at Rio, Seth Moniz is 12th on the CT right now, which is very solid for a rookie. The cool thing about watching Seth get around for his rookie debut here is how much everyone around him is just oh so bloody stoked for success. Can't help but feel infected by it and want to be on his team too. Go Seth! Also, these fly-on-the-wall style docos without narration are the shit.

9. J-Bay Starts Next Week

This is your annual reminder that J-Bay is absolutely the best TV spectator events we have for Australian surf fans. Timezone wise, it kicks off each day right on beer o'clock (Aus east coast time) and runs right through primetime. This coming Tuesday, it begins. Get your snacks ready.

10. While We're In South Africa

Red Bull are running a great series of docos around the surf culture and community of South Africa at the moment. This one sees Ricky Basnett show us around the enigmatic surf zone of Cave Rock. Fascinating and, like most content Red Bull makes for surfing, very watchable web content. But you could listen to Shaun Tomson's voice narrate paint drying, couldn't you? Sounds like a good new podcast, actually.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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