Is a CT at the Pool the Equivalent of Playing Nintendo at Slater's House (Where He Gets the Good Controller)? Plus Mason Ho at the Wedge and an Update From Sunny's Family

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was September 20, 2019

1. The Freshwater Pro Starts Now

Last night the most contentious event in the modern surfing era got its 2019 iteration underway. Of course I’m talking about the existential crisis/future of surfing sport that is the “2019 Freshwater Pro Presented by Outerknown”  the Championship Tour event that takes place in a pool.

Before we look further at it, let’s pump the breaks a moment and disect the title of the event itself – the 2019 Freshwater Pro Presented by Outerknown. "2019", okay, that’s fine, that’s the year it is. Sure. "Freshwater Pro", freshwater as in not saltwater, meaning it’s taking place in a pool and not the ocean, meaning it's taking place in the creation, invention, concept and play-thing of Kelly Slater – one of the competitors of this very serious competition. Bit weird, no? Okay, next bit, "Presented by Outerknown"… the event has a presenting sponsor, a company called Outerknown, a company most famous for being created, owned and run by Kelly Slater. Bit weird, yeah?

This kinda feels like when we used to play Golden Eye tournaments at my friend’s house, and none of my friends had as much a chance to practice the intricacies of the various maps, and none of us were allowed to use the good controller. It was unfair, but we put up with it cause playing Nintendo 64 was so much fun (like surfing the pool), and his mum made all the best after school snacks (like hanging out at the Surf Ranch), and pretty often one of us would win cause we were better at Nintendo than him (like Gabriel Medina being better than Slater). It’s pretty much exactly the same, only there wasn’t a jillion dollars on the line and no-one considered Golden Eye between four 12-year-olds a serious sport. Ah well… whatever, that’s surfing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, hey Kelly Slater: you, me, Proximity Mines, Complex? Let's do it. It might just be more entertaining than this event anyways. You can have the good controller.

2. Sunny Garcia Update

In late April this year the surfing world was rocked with the news that 2000 World Champion Sunny Garcia was in an intensive care unit and fighting for his life. Sunny had battled publicly with depression over the last decade.

This week the family of Sunny posted an update on his recovery, stating that he has said a few words and is in daily physical, speech, and ocupational therapy.

Janae Twisselman, a friend of the family who helped with the GoFundme campaign set up to support Sunny's recovery, gave further details in an interview with the Inertia:

“The (family) is still in a zone where they don’t want to give out too much info because they’re still trying to figure everything out ... From everything we’ve learned from past history, it’s a long process. But he’s been working out on a stationary bike, assisted, and he’s definitely able to hear voices and track people and read people’s hands. He’s saying words, he’s not totally audible, but he’s gaining his motor functions, working on physical movements and brain functionality and auditory processes. It’s just a really long recovery road.”

You can support Sunny's recovery by donating to the GoFundMe here.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit the Lifeline website:

3. Who's This 15-Year-Old Mad Talent From Lennox?

Oooooof, now that is an introduction if ever I’ve seen one. Ninety-seven seconds of rip your hair off quality surfing in Fiji and Aus to some catchy skate punk, and we’re done. This is Jai Glindeman. How many surf clips do you see in 2019 where you’re left stoked out but wanting for more? A very rare feat (props to Mikey Mallalieu on the edit too).

4. Trilogy Is Now On YouTube

Taylor Steele’s treasure trove of a YouTube channel – The Momentum Files – is still ticking away, dropping absolute gems of surf video past every week. This week the full video of Billabong post-millennium classic, Trilogy, starring Joel Parkinson, Andy Irons and Taj Burrow, got put up there… for free! What a blessed time it is to be nostalgic on the internet.

5. Mason Ho at the Wedge

Yay! The internet's funnest surfer meets the internet's funnest wave. Yay!

6. Kiwi Dude Ripping on a Twinnie

Jonas Tawharu is a 20-year-old from mount Maunganui in New Zealand, who I don’t know a whole lot about. The last time he surfed in a comp, after minimal internet research, appears to be back in 2017. Now he’s ripping twin-fins made by Rusty in Indonesia and studying at university in Dunedin. He makes the board look pretty sick, doesn’t he? Kinda want one now.

7. Our Guy Nick Green Won The Follow The Light Foundation Thing

The Follow The Light Foundation Award is a prestigious award and grant given to young surf photographers to support their vocation. It's been won by the likes of Todd Glaser, Duncan Macfarlane, Chris Burkard, Morgan Maasen and more, and can have a profound effect on the career of young surf photogs. And now 23-year-old Tasmanian lord Nick Green can chuck his name on that holy list. Congratulations to the ripper fella. (Here's an interview we did with him back in the days of the old Young Free Alright! program, in 2014.)

View this post on Instagram

Somehow managed to take out the @followthelightfoundation awards last night over here in California.. when I submitted my portfolio I didn’t think to much about it and then to have been shortlisted was already something that I never thought would happen; so to win the thing has just been the most surreal experience. Just wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone that’s been involved in the whole thing as well as everyone that’s supported my work over the years.. also massive shoutout to the other finalists, was so sick to have a beer with you all, you’re all the biggest legends and crazy talented! @ryanmackphoto @shanegracey @paulgreene @tooth_massage I’m going to be spending the next 2 weeks road tripping the Californian coast for @olloclip and the @wsl. Still trying to make sense of all this but feeling super honored and more passionate about photography than ever - here’s 10 images from the 30 I submitted for my portfolio

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8. Ando and Dion in Forward. To Past.

Back in June, a HaydenShapes' 10 minute movie starring Craig Anderson and Dion Agius (edited by Dion himself) was made available on the Internet as a free download, upon email request. This week that same video has now hit YouTube. It's called Forward. To Past.. It sees them surfing around New Zealand on a HaydenShapes board called The Holy Grail. It is good.

9. Beau Cram for The O'RIGINALS

Beau Cram, son of 80s icon Richard Cram, this week featured in an episode of O'Neill's mini-mini-doc series, The O'RIGINALS. This is the first episode of the second instalment of the series, and it's looking pretty bloody good. Cram's attitude towards a surfing life, as well as his approach to a riding waves, is rad and refreshing.

10. Oscar Langburne – Dancing Barefoot

A 17 minute clip that absolutely lit up the Internet last week starring the 15-year-old Central Coast iconoclast in the making. Oscar himself sums up this clip best chatting to the camera within it. He says: “If you can mix smooth and timeless surfing with progressive, I reckon that’s (a beat)… sick.” Spot... on!

One more thing...

Smash me in the face with the trailer for Jack Coleman's latest movie, Zone Frequency, starring Bryce Young, Ryan Burch, Ozzie Wright, Ari Browne, Asher Pacey, Robin Kegel, Dave Rasta, Rangi Ormond and more.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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