Nope You Can’t Smoke Weed at Jervis Bay, What are the Real CT Rankings? Plus Jack Robbo, Bobby Martinez & John John Florence Drop Fresh Bangers

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was September 27, 2019

1. The Freshwater Pro, The World Title Race, and Us

Before we get into the rest of the week that's been, let's have a super quick refresh of the results and of the Freshwater Pro, and what's left behind.

As was expected, Gabriel Medina won the event and his norm to the form of finishing the back-half of the year at a galloping pace to the World Title is well underway. His win at the pool means that he is the  only (male) surfer to have won at the Kelly pool, ever, winning last year's inaugural event and the invitational test event the year before. He's just plain ridiculous and amazing and I genuinely feel sorry for those that get annoyed by his ever-dominant presence. He freaking rules, man, and when you start embracing just how goddamn good he is, watching the WSL becomes a really good experience. Yeah, Medina!

A little less obvious was the result on the women's side of the event, where Lakey Peterson was pretty bloody incredible, beating Johanne Defay in the final, and breaking Carissa Moore's stranglehold of the pool. Lakey's win at the Freshwater Pro makes her the first woman to win two CTs this year and moves her to second on the rankings.

And, ah, yes, the rankings... let's do the thing where we take a look at the standings and then apply the weird thing where the WSL cancels out the two worst results of each surfer to determine the World Title at year's end shall we?

So, after the Freshy Pro, the top 5 standings are as follows:

1. Gabriel Medina (44,695)
2. Filipe Toledo (44,400)
3. Jordy Smith (40,195)
4. Kolohe Andino (36,505)
5. Italo Ferreira (34,600)

Which after adjusting doesn't change the order at all, but significantly adds to Medina's lead ahead of Toledo and Jordy at the top:

1. Gabriel Medina (42,035)
2. Filipe Toledo (39,750)
3. Jordy Smith (35,545)
4. Kolohe Andino (33,845)
5. Italo Ferreira (31,940)

And for the women's side, the current rankings are as follows:

1. Carissa Moore (47,260)
2. Lakey Peterson (43,850)
3. Sally Fitzgibbons (42,070)
4. Stephanie Gilmore (39,810)
5. Caroline Marks (38,220)

Which after adjusting moves around a lot more, with Lakey Peterson jumping up to the real World No.1 ranking (!), and Steph Gilmore slipping significantly to the far reaches of the top 5.

1. Lakey Peterson (38,630)
2. Carissa Moore (37,770)
3. Sally Fitzgibbons (34,715)
4. Caroline Marks (33,000)
5. Stephanie Gilmore (30,320)

Here's a video Red Bull made about the pool comp in its early days:

2. Jack Robinson Marathon Dream Session At Home

This week Jack Robinson finished 25th in a Portugese QS 6000 (that was pumping), sliding two spots on the QS rankings down to 15th. Forget about that though, cause that's all dumb when you can drop four minute world class bangers with outragous titles like "12 Hour Barrel Bender". Who needs the CT anyway!? (That said, kinda hope he wins this QS 10,000 happening right now.)

3. Bobby Martinez Rules

Sometimes I forget all about Bobby Martinez, and then a clip like this drops with the unreal goofy-footer ripping really good winter waves around his home in the Santa Barbara/Ventura areas of California, and I realise that I am a deadset moron and that you should never, ever forget about Bobby Martinez.

4. Mark Mathews and Co At Shippies Last Weekend

"Epic day down at Shippies last week! It was nice to surf some solid waves without getting injured for a change!" Wrote Mark Matthews on Instagram on his return to the famed Tasmanian slab. He joined Mikey Brennan, Tyler and James Holmer-Cross and crew in scoring big perfect Shipsterns over the weekend. Sick to see the icon of Aussie slab surfing back amongst it!

5. You Can('t)* Head To Jervis Bay for a legal Spliff and Splash In 2020

Big news out of the ACT this week was the Territory's Legislative Assembly agreeing to the "Drugs of Dependence (Personal Cannabis Use) Amendment Bill 2018" meaning that from January 31 2020 people in the territory will be allowed to carry and possess 50 grams of weed, and will also allow for a maximum of four plants per household to be grown. Now, I hear ya, "Canberra? What does hanging out in Canberra have to do with surf culture." Well, once again, you're forgetting about that little sliver of coast that's technically part of the ACT, Jervis Bay! Techinically it's not part of the ACT, but its own Commonwealth Territory, however, the laws of the ACT apply to the Jervis Bay Territory. Laws which ahhh... from Jan 31, mean it's legal to smoke a spliff and paddle out at Aussie Pipe.

Oh, and one last final observation, the bill was introduced by a Labor backbencher named, I shit you not, Michael Pettersson. Michael Pettersson!

*Scratch all of the above because, as reported by the South Coast Registerafter the time time of writing, it was cleared up by ACT Chief Minister, as well as the Federal Member for Fenner, that this new law will not apply to the Jervis Bay Territory "due to the increased complexity in applying these laws, and how they would interact with Commonwealth Law, in the Jervis Bay Territory".

6. Rippy Girls Session At Trestles

Leilani McGonagle, Brisa Hennessy, Kirra Belle Olsen and more of the Rip Curl grom girl team hit Trestles for a fun summer session. It’s a nice clip that introduces us to the surfers as well as seeing the shred a little. Simple, good.

7. Jaleesa Vincent In Northern California

Here's a clip from Billabong that sees the coolest surfer on the planet Jaleesa Vincent (why not?) join Tanika Hoffman in the cold waters of Northern California. What an absolute shame there isn't more actual surfing in this clip though. 

8. Who this Simon Hetrick? He Good

19 year-old east coast American scored a bit of vibe on the internet this week dropping a 12 minute ripper of an edit that he put together himself, surfing Mexico, Portugal, the Texas pool and Maryland, his home – which is south of Philadelphia and north of Virginia, which is... okay. Sonic Youth and Bad Brains feature on the soundtrack, cool. 

9. John Drops New Clip From Indo This Year

John may be injured and out of the water, but he stays forever relevant dropping new edits and footage that is just so nicely put together, like this right here, front and centre with incredible relaxed surfing by the best in the world to do it. This clip showing John’s time in Indo during the 2019 Bali Bali Pro is delightful. How do I become part of the Johntourage?

10. Speaking of John...

His movie Done, which is some seven years old and that you used to have to get on iTunes for around $10, is now available for free on the two-time World Champ's increasingly populated YouTube channel. It's a bit of a modern classic.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. There's a big, big sound.

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