Julian Has the Best YouTube Series of Them All, Puuuumping France, and Brazil Is Again Dominating the Men's QS

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was October 4, 2019

1. Kathmandu Bought Rip Curl (Mason Ho Surfing On Rocks, A Beautiful Metaphor)

Will this be the biggest story of the year, you think? It might be. On Tuesday Rip Curl sent out press releases to media with the announcement that the camping brand that has put a puffer jacket on every single dude walking around Melbourne had bought the 50 year old iconic surf company for $350 million. The sale marks the last of the original big three – Rip Curl, Quiksilver, and Billabong – to be released from the grip of its founders.

What will this mean? Well, the best answers and speculation to that big question is in Nick Carroll's column on the matter, which you should definitely read over here.

For now, let's watch this fresh clip of Mason Ho riding his Rip Curl stickered board, with the iconic Search design, perilously close to bone-crunching rocks, while we still can. It feels like a beautiful metaphor for somethinng, though I can't work out what.

2. The Quiksilver Pro France Has Begun

The fun thing about writing this weekly column, where I wrap up all the things from surfing and the internet in the past week, is that I often write it on a Thursday morning knowing full well that one of the major events will be taking place Thursday night. This is one of those times. Well, what a relief that the first day of Championship Tour events, like the Quiksilver Pro France which has begun by the time you'll be reading this, are usually uneventful and maybe kinda sorta a tinsy bit boring. Here's the trailer for the event. Vai Medina!

3. Here's Hossegor Pumping Before It Started

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and WSL Championship Tour event locations going gangbusters mere days before the competition window begins." – Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to French physicist Jean-Baptiste Leroy in 1789.

4. Is Colapinto The Best Surf Vlogger?

The World No.20 from San Clemente California takes us behind the scenes of the Freshwater Pro at the Kelly pool with his crew of young local groms – Kade Matson, Jett Schilling, and his little brother Crosby. Not a bad guy to be following around at this event, Griffin finished third, which is basically first when you take into account that no-one will ever be able to beat Gabriel and Filipe in the pool. Never, ever, ever.

5. Or is Julian Wilson the best Surf Vlogger?

It's not really a vlog, more a fly on the wall clip series, the In Between Series, they call it. This is episode number five and in it Julian takes us behind the scenes at the end of the road, Teahupo'o Tahiti. Jordy and Julian shooting the breeze about the infamous wave is so good, and Kolohe and Julian talking conditions really nails the feel of what it's like hanging around the periphery of a big dog surf contest. This shit is A-grade, and it's wild that you can make this kind of A-grade content when your subject's voice has rarely broken out of monotone in his two decade career.

Hey, sidenote, have you heard the rumour that the Olympic Games, Paris 2024 might run the surfing in Tahiti? I haven't heard that rumour. Nope.

6. Reef Doig's the O'Riginals Episode

O'Neills most excellent limited series, the O'Riginals, is back in its second run. This week's episode takes a look at Reef Doig. The son of hard charging Cronulla legend Geoff, Reef was brought up in Bali, before moving to Aus at 17 to pursue a surf career and an Aussie high school education, before coming back to Bali and surfing for himself. It's a unique and interesting surf journey, and well worth a gander.

7. QS Watch: Mini Pupo Won The Portuguese 10,000

Samuel Pupo is Miguel Pupo's little brother and this week won one of the year's six QS 10,000s, rocketing him north 30 places into ninth and serious qualification territory.

As we know, it's generally how you perform in the 10,000s that'll decide whether you make it onto the Championship Tour, and it's worth noting that of the four that have run in 2019, Brazil have won all of them – and two of those have been won by a Pupo.

Other noteworthy results and movement out of the EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira include Aussie Stuey Kennedy – who made the final, banking him 8000 points and jumping him 35 spots to 15th, just outside the bubble of qualification, young West Aussie Jacob Willcox making the semi, a career best result (not including his 5th at Bells as a wildcard this year) jumping him 48 spots into 23rd. Aussies Connor O'Leary and Ethan Ewing made the quarters, which is Ewing's first decent result for the year, and for O'Leary pushes him back above the cut-off of qualification to 8th.

Worth keeping an eye on too is 17-year-old Cenny Coast grom Caleb Tancred, who in his first two cracks at a QS 10,000 has banked a 5th and a 17th – sitting him at a handy 24th on the QS rankings. 

8. Asher Pacey Surfing At Home

Put your head on my shoulder and watch the Steph Gilmore-like lines of Asher Pacey as he puts a twin fin through its paces at Snapper. Isn't surfing a beautiful thing? Yes. Yes it is.

9. An Epic Looking Adventure Surf Movie

Sydney filmer Spencer Frost just dropped this trailer for A Corner of the Earth – a travel surf movie that takes QS grinder Fraser Dovell into the extreme weather of the arctic in search of cold water waves. What a bloody good trailer. The cinematography of this thing looks made for the big screen, and Frosts's understanding of the importance of audio in a good film is super clear here, too. You can tell this is going to be an epic, and we can't wait. Aussie screenings look set for November and January.

10. Taj Went To Namibia, Brought the Froth

Does Koa Smith ever leave Namibia? The guy seems addicted to the mesmerising marathon lefthander of Skeleton Bay, which is fair enough. The exciting part of this trip, though, is that it includes Taj Burrow, who we don't get to see actually surf, but we do get to see froth the hell out, which is almost better (no it's not, but it's still fun). 

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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