Meet "Avalanche" Brazil's Newest Slab, Mason Surfs South Shore Backwashy Reef Ledge, and Michel Bourez Uses Foil to Fight off a Hammerhead

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was July 3 2020

1. Coco Ho, Doing Airs On the Reg Now

Two weeks in a row we've led off with a clip about airs in the Waco Texas Wave Pool. Coco Ho, the Hawaiian surf star who dissapointingly fell off the CT in 2019 after a decade in the top ranks, this week dropped somewhat of a landmark clip, stomping a variety of straight airs and air reverses at the wave pool in Waco, Texas.

The clip came just a couple days after Shane Dorian's 13-year-old grommet Jackson released his outrageous aerial clip from the same pool. Like I said last week, it makes you wonder just how good at this kind of surfing pros (and punters, be they so lucky) will get when they have access to pools like these on the regular.

Airs aside, the real highlight in the clip above is big brother Mason Ho's stoke at seeing his sister repeatedly land some nice punts.

2. Have You Seen This Ridiculous Brazillian Slab?

Southeast Brazil has a wave called Avalanche. A wompy, mutates slab thing that apparently only breaks a couple of times a year. And by the looks of the crowd of surfers, bodyboarders, boats and skis that were there this week when it does, the locals are onto it.

3. Letty Mortensen Has Been Ripping

If you watched that video we posted a bit over a week ago – One Sydney Beach, An Epic Swell, and the Locals That Rode It – and felt like someone was missing, then you were on the money. It was Letty. Letty Mortensen, 22 from Avalon on Sydney's Northern Beaches, was amongst the local high performers on those days too, but he bagged his clips for the edit he has been working on with sponsor Rusty. The result is finally here with Riddled, a saturated, poppy air and tubefest filmed across France, South Coast NSW, WA and home around Av.

4. Mason Ho Hits the South Shore

Speaking of weird shaped waves, this week Mason Ho drove to the South Shore of Oahu with his friend Sheldon Paishon to surf this ledgey, backwashy left that breaks. on a reef shelf. It's sick. And bonus, Mase's hair is again getting some really nice flow going.

5. Has COVID Exposed the WSL's True Place in Surfing?

"On the one hand, a massive numbers boom — on the other, an utter cessation of surfing competition. How do these two things match up? They can’t, unless you accept a fundamental fact about surfing’s true appeal, about what people hope for when they paddle out."

Nick Carroll wrote a ripper of a piece this week taking a look at how the COVID-19 surf competition lockout has given us a renewed perspective on the state of surf culture. It's a bit of a must-read. Here's another biting line from the piece: 

"...surely it must be clear now to the WSL, after three months of replays, that if there’s no events, there’s no WSL" 

6. Conner Coffin Rides for JS Now

The Californian exponent of beautiful rail surfing has jumped from Channel Islands to another high profile shaper to the surf stars in JS. And sometimes when surfers join surfboard brands, we get a little welcome to the team clip like this one:

7. Beau Young and Ricardo Christie Surfing NZ

There's a fresh new wetty brand on the table, Coastlines, and seeing as they're from New Zealand, they're perfectly placed to know firsthand the harsh biting environments that a good wetsuit helps us withstand in our pursuit of good waves.

They've launched with a lovely pure-surf clip featuring Beau Young, Ricardo Christie and Kalani Ord putting their rubber through its paces in some pretty damn good Aotearoa waves and coastline.

8. Tosh Tudor and Justin Quintal Slide America's Gulf Coast

What's the Gulf Coast though?

"The Gulf Coast of the United States is the coastline along the Southern United States where they meet the Gulf of Mexico. The coastal states that have a shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico are Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, and these are known as the Gulf States."

Thank you, Wikipedia.

9. Koa Rothman Surfs Malibu

If you like content where the surfer talks to the camera explaining what they're doing while doing the thing they're doing, then boy do I have the video format for you! They're called YouTube vlogs, and Koa Rothman's might be the best of the lot. This week the Hawaiian star adept at rifling heavy North Shore tubes heads to Trestles and Malibu for a change of pace. Speaking of Malibu, apparently there's a significant swell heading there this weekend – which is the Fourth of July weekend – while the beaches in the area happen to be closed for fear of further COVID-19 spread... sounds like a perfect storm for an interesting time.

10. Michel Bourez Met a Shark

Michel Bourez was foiling between the islands of Tahiti and Mo'orea when he met a hammerhead shark that might be a bigger critic of foiling than the fiercest surf website commenters you see around the internet, biting the foil twice and breaking the tail of the thing. With the tail broken, Michel had to stop and wait three minutes for his friends to pick him up.

"I felt something was wrong so I looked around me and stayed in alert just in case the shark would come back again. I was right!
The 3-4 meters hammer shark came back again at me so I put my foil in between him and I to protect myself. He bite (sic) my foil for the second time realizing it was definitely not eatable and swam back away from me."


11. Devon Howard's Assorted Rides

This might be the nicest clip of the week. Stylish San Diego surfer Devon Howard rides a Channel Island mid-length and a couple beautiful Thomas logs over a couple of days around California. Filmmaker Drew Miller says this of the below clip:

"My hope is the short film does two things: 1.) Makes you want to go surfing right now! 2.) To record a moment in time which represents what I think is Devon's best surfing to date, at age 46 no less."

I think he achieved that.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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