Wave Pools Are For Snow Skiers Now? Frankie Oberholzer is the OG Search Legend, and J-Bay Gets Going

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was July 12, 2019

1. The Corona J-Bay Open Started

We've had two nights of the best surfing comp of the year (for people in Australia who like to spend their evenings eating snacks and watching surfing live on the telly) and we've completed both elimination rounds (formerly Round 2) for the men and women. Sage Erickson and Bianca Buitendag are the two surfers first out on the ladies' side and the four surfers out of the men's so far... do not make for interesting reading. If you want good reading on the comp, though, look no further than Sean Doherty's write-up: J-Bay in a Post John John World. As for who has been good so far: Filipe Toledo looked lightyears ahead of the field in his Round 1 win, and Stephanie Gilmore at J-Bay looked like Stephanie Gilmore at J-Bay (which is the epitome of everything that is right with surfing). Watch below:

2. Otis Carey Speaks About Mental Health

A must watch video of my guy Otis. The two time Indigenous Australian Surfing Champion and prolific artist talks thoughtfully about his experience with depression. Little bit of disclosure, Otis Carey is a dear friend of mine, and this video makes me just so unbelievably proud of him. What a dude.

3. Man On Skis Skis In Wave Pools, Okay...

Man, Derek Hynd is really starting to losie it with these finless innovations lately, isn't he? Nah, jokes, this is skier Candide Thovex in some behind the scenes shooting footage that resuted in 11 seconds of an Audi ad back in January of 2018. 

4. This Jack Robinson "Sound Waves" WSL Clip is Great

Unfortunately, after Jack Robbo had a ripper start to the QS in 2019, he had a shocker at the first big opportunity to qualify for the year, the QS 10,000 at Ballito. He finished 73rd, which dropped him eight places to 13th. That leaves five more QS 10,000s for the year to lock himself a spot where he belongs and where we all want him to be. That comp was won by Deivid Silva, which will all but guarantee the CT rookie a second year on tour. Jack Freestone locked away a handy 8000 points for coming second too. For Jack Robbo, his base of back up results is already prepped for a qualification (he's on 9000 points) – he just needs that one big result in one of the big comps and he'll get to the CT proper.

But for now, whatever, let's watch this really well put together WSL side content they've been putting together lately – Jack Robbo and the Box.

5. Speaking of Ballito, Snake Tales!

The best YouTube series of the lot, the Jake–Paterson's–QS–team–does–the–QS series, is back with a new episode out of Ballito, South Africa. It has inspired me to use my phone less – that's not something I expected to happen after a day of watching surf videos.

6. Nic Von Rupp 20 Minute Surf Movie – Rail Road

Portuguese sojourn surfer (I coined that term just now, does it work? Is it shit?) Von Rupp hops on some trains and finds some terrifying slabs in Ireland. The cinematography on this is really something.

7. Behind The Scenes With Kanoa Igarashi

The shift from surf clips to short surf docos and surf vlogs has well and truly taken place. Red Bull are behind this one (it's the first episode of a series they're calling Between The Lines), so you know it's going to be A-grade. What's most interesting, is just how absolutely ahead of the times Dion Agius and Globe were back in 2010 with Dion.TV – but now the biggest name surfers on the CT, and the biggest brands that support them, are the ones who are embracing the style. Honestly, every move Dion has made in his freesurfing career is akin to him playing chess while the rest of the industry plays checkers. The guy is a genius. Anyway, Kanoa is having a great year, isn't he? Good for him.

8. Trippy Billabong Women's Clip

Laura Enever, Felicity Palmateer and Alessa Quizon star in a small collection launch clip – Creatures of Colour. It's a little weird, we always need more weird in surfing.

9. Red Bull Doco About Frankie Oberholzer/The Search

The surf world sure has its eyes pointed at South Africa at the moment. This is episode 3 of Red Bull's Made In South Africa series (how many series are there now? I can't keep up). Sonny Miller + Tom Curren + J-Bay + Frankie + Derek Hynd telling the story = some seriously iconic shit.

10. Crosby Colapinto Is Coming

If you're not aware, the young Californian CT star Griffin Colapinto has a younger brother named Crosby. Crosby Colapinto – what a satisfying name to say out loud. He's 17, rides for Rip Curl, and here is a clip of him surfing Lakey Peak with Ian Crane.

(Oh, hey, also, just a a little note for Ian Crane – maybe don't use the word "savage" to describe a little kid in a developing country. I know you (probably) meant the word in the context of being ruthless. But just, you know... umm... don't use that word there, it's not the greatest look while laughing as a bunch of kids beg for stickers (and is that money?). Cooooool!)


What is this Rip Curl Movie?

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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