Let's Watch the New Wade Goodall Movie, Italo x 90s Grinspoon, and John John Shreds a Foil Sans Foil

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Mike Jennings

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Wade Goodall rules

Wade Goodall rules


Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was May 15 2020

1. Wade Goodall's Movie, Pentacoastal

I'm gonna level with you guys. I haven't seen this movie yet. It has a live YouTube premiere today at midday, which at the time of writing hasn't happened yet – I collate this weekly list on Thursday nights and write it up on Friday mornings. But I've mad faith Pentacoastal is no.1 for this week. A full 30 minute movie made by and starring Wade Goodall? With Shane Fletcher (bloke behind some of Noa Deane's best work)? Produced by Vans (a maker of good things)? With cameos of Dane Reynolds and more? Yeah, hell yeah, this will be number one. Built for the big screen, this movie was originally intended to have a host of live premieres, of course 2020's challenges put a stop to that. So I think it would be nice if we went to the effort of at the very least putting our phones down and making sure the volume's up high on this vid when we hit play. Maybe crack a beer, even. Or perhaps a peppermint tea if you don't drink beer or your name is Angus and you're watching your weight this winter. Good for you Angus, enjoy!

2. If you wanna little More Pentacoastal

Wade and Shane sat down digitally with Tanner Gudauskas for a little surf film QnA. The Gudauskas brothers make quite good hosts, don't they? And not just because of their ridiculously shiny teeth, either. Props to them. And props to their teeth.

3. Italo x Grinspoon Is Very Good

The World Champ dropped an edit this week that went just shy of breaking the internet. From the outrageous air stomped in the first seconds, the edit is as fast and frenetic as Italo's surfing itself. It also pairs the surfing with a Grinspoon track from 1996 that's giving most Aussie surfers over the age of 32 a big ol' stiffy. Italo's so loveable, and the stuff he's doing here is so wild, and the music has you so excited... you don't even notice Italo's not super pretty style. Spose when you do it all like this, style doesn't really matter any more. Kind of!

4. Globe Uploaded the Full Strange Rumblings In Shangri La movie

Remember the infamous "f*ck the WSL" Surfer Poll speech of 2014? Fun fact, that was during the presentation of the Surf Movie of the Year, won by Globe's Strange Rumblings In Shangri La. Another fun fact, Globe went ahead and dropped the whole movie (in six sections) to YouTube this week so that we can all watch it for free! Starring Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart, Dion Agius, Taj Burrow and more, and put together by noted surf auteur Joe G – it's the definition of an A-Grade surf movie. 

5. Gash Surfboards Are Having A Digital Exhibition

Gash is an iconic and revered Victorian surfboard brand founded by shaper Greg Brown, with glassing by Paul Cousins and the art direction of artist Simon Buttonshaw. They're a bit of an iconoclast of a surfboard brand... aggressive in eras of peace and love, gritty and core in the times of glam and commercial, they're telling their story with an exhibition at the moment – "Gash and the Seven Blades". Unfortunately, COVID-19 stopped the exhibition from happening as they'd planned, but the 20 minute movie by Tom Cole is a nice substitute for that. And the exhibition will be open to the public when things being open to the public is safe again. For the full digi experience, head to the Gash Surfboards site here. Get around it.

6. John John Surfs a Foil Board, Sans Foil

Foiling is all the rage right now (for those that can afford the roughly 2k it costs to get one?), but have you ever wondered what it would be like to surf one of those boards without a giant foil stuck in it? John John wondered, and so took one out at home. The answer is that it went pretty well. But John John could probably surf a MacBook pretty well too I'm guessing.

7. Your Weekly Mason Froth-Out

One day of footage with Mase surfing a nuggety little 5'2" thing called a Freak Flag Bean Bag by ...Lost. The surfing is joyful, and the hang-5 section with Mike Ho and Coco Ho very fun, but it's Mason's hair getting more and more sensational with every week that is the true star of the clip.

8. How Classic Is This? The 1970 Worlds

For Surfer's Journal, the legend Phil Jarratt put together this video on the 1970 World contest at Johanna via Bells. The footage of all these legends (Nat, Reno, Drouyn, Aurness and more) from a 1971 movie called Getting Back To Nothing by Jim Burnstall with Jarrat's narration about the unravelling of the comp, it's a corker of a watch!

One thing that struck me while watching this: The scene here was just six years after Midget and Phyllis won the first world titles at Manly. How different is the surfing? Compare that to how little today's surfing has changed since 2014, it makes you realise just how outrageously fast moving and dynamic the shortboard revolution must have felt. What a wild time.

9. A Little Shark Incident at Southside Was Caught on Camera

Torquay local Graham Blade was filming Southside Bells last Friday arvo when a French surfer met a shark that latched onto his leg. The guy apparently managed to punch the shark twice before he was helped to shore by local Matt Senduary – who must be commended for paddling over and helping out, Julian Wilson style, instead of paddling like buggery to the shore, which would be understandable. The footage below shows the paddle in, where you can see the shark splash behind them. Apparently neither surfer were aware it was still getting around in close proximity for that paddle back. Fun times.

10. Hadn't Seen this side of Morocco Before

The intro for Nic Von Rupp's series is a little too slick for my taste. It looks like a car ad, don't you reckon? That's beside the point, 'cause the guy is personable, and hardcore and can speak more languages than any of us. And in this clip he scores a big old heavy left in a land we most usually see long long long rights. Surfing starts at 8.20.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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