Wild Things

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Wild Things is a small Australian company born in a derelict warehouse in the backstreets of Sydney before uprooting to greener grass in Byron Bay. What started as a factory showroom for Gato Herói has grown into a diverse business with a huge range of activities going on under the one roof. 

Wild things offers a variety of alternative surfboards with 40-60 boards in stock at any time. As the Australian distributors of Captain Fin and Octopus, we also have a large range of shortboard and single fins, deckgrips and more.

On top of all that, the workspace of Wild Things and Gato Heroi Oz also provides space for hire, shared studios for designers and artists to work from, and provides a venue to showcase the art, photography, design and music of friends and new friends.

Wild Things is currently featuring artwork by Otis Carey, Ozzie Wright, Steve Cooney and Paul McNeil on the walls. Some bands that have played warehouse parties at wild things include Tomorrows Tulips, Ocean Alley, The Growlers, Skeggs, The Babe Rainbow, Goons of Doom, Mylee and The Milkshakes, The Dandelion, and The Ruminaters. The most recent show was a secret event that our friends Allah Las jammed in between a heap of dates on a sold out Aus tour.

Drop in to say hello, we are open all week.

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-3pm
Sunday 10am-2pm

Or stay in touch via Facebook or Instagram

Contact: Andy
Website: wildthingsgallery.com.au
Enquiries: +61 401 902 123
Email: info@wildthingsgallery.com.au

1/93 Centennial Circuit,
Byron Bay 2481

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