The Mentawais On The Pump

17 Oct 2016 1 Share

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Words, clip and photos by Andy Potts for The Perfect Wave

Unfortunately, it is that time of the year again where we sit back and reflect on the amazing waves that we had during the 2016 Mentawai surf season, wishing we could all just catch one more.

This year was an epic season compared to last year with consistent 6-8ft Indian ocean groundswells running into the island chain every 7-9 days. There were some memorable, highlight swells throughout the season that delivered some incredible waves at prime locations.

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Macaronis throughout May, June and July offered a protected option from light south winds and threw out some amazing sessions with a fun mellow crew on most boats and at the camp. Two super special days in June delivered perfect 6-8 hollow barrels into the bay, crew traded epic barrels all day long.

July and August were incredible months in Indonesia this year with long range swells and favourable winds were combining and hitting reefs all over the island chain. The charter boats seemed to be scoring at every location they turned up at, while crew staying at land camps were enjoying their local breaks. It seemed like everywhere was going off.

July delivered one amazing swell from the southwest with light and variable winds all day, standing close to 12ft at 17 seconds. Lances right copped the brunt of the swell with some unrideable monsters finding their way into the protected reef system. Everyone on the day pushed their surfing abilities to another level, as you can see in the video.

The winds would become more favourable throughout August and early September as Occy and his guests shacked up in the Playgrounds area for a week to score some local delights. There were whispers of a giant Kandui swell that ended up arriving well below expectations. However, a consistent 4-6ft 15-second swell with light winds was on offer for the trip with the occasional bigger set every hour to keep you on your toes.

Occy was fit and ripping,  so it was the perfect finish to an epic 2016 Mentawai season.

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